Among the facts and figures contained in this morning’s BBC iPlayer Performance Pack for January - April 2012 are the much requested final viewing figures for repeat plays of Sherlock Series Two. 

Sherlock S2E1: A Scandal in Belgravia came out as the highest rewatched programme of the year thus far, with the other two episodes of the series following close behind, allowing the series to also completely dominate the weeks it was available on the service in January.

Those figures in full:

Sherlock S2E1: A Scandal in Belgravia - 2.52m

Sherlock S2E2: The Hounds of Baskerville - 1.68m

Sherlock S2E3: The Reichenbach Fall - 1.91m

These figures show a marked growth in use of the BBC iPlayer service, and also the increase in popularity of Sherlock - compare to the iPlayer figures for Sherlock Series One, from July/August 2010:

Sherlock S1E1: A Study in Pink - 1.30m

Sherlock S1E2: The Blind Banker - 989k

Sherlock S1E3: The Great Game - 718k

It’s worth noting that the first episodes of each series most likely have the higher figures due to their longer availability on the service, rather than as a mark of the audience’s perception of an episode’s quality.

You can read the full BBC iPlayer Performance Pack for the first quarter of 2012 HERE. We’ll look forward to seeing the statistics for the rest of 2012 in due course, and whether we’ll be able to name Sherlock the highest repeat played programme of the year!

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