JOHN LEWIS & Co. launch a “Sherlock Military Shawl Coat”

John Lewis’ Autumn 2012 range is out in the shops now, which includes a coat remarkably similar in design to the Belstaff Milllford coat as worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock - in fact, it’s EVEN called a Sherlock Military Shawl Coat.

This coat will no doubt prove very popular with fans of cosplay and those taking fashion inspiration from the 21st century incarnation of the consulting detective, especially as the Belstaff coat although now no longer available was priced at £1,350, where the John Lewis version is a bargain at £350. Hurry though, it’s already selling fast with XS and XL sizes already sold out!

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This coat from our JOHN LEWIS & Co. collection is steeped in history, and not just in terms of its obvious style inspiration. The fabric for the coat is made by Abraham Moon, a Leeds-based mill who made military coats during the World Wars. The blue wool fabric of this coat was actually used by the Airforce.

This military coat is constructed with a chambray lining, it has real Corozo nut buttons, deep back vents and adjustable cuffs.

Many thanks to Clare Markley, Andrew Webb and others who notified us about this item.

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