Meet the directors of Sherlock Series 3

Following yesterday’s news piece by Deadline, we’ve independently verified with Sherlock producer Sue Vertue that Jeremy Lovering is attached to the third series, and will be behind the camera when the first episode begins filming on Monday March 18 2013. Jeremy and Colm McCarthy are at present the only confirmed directors on Sherlock Series three. The third has yet to be announced.

Read on below the break for profiles of both new members of the Sherlock production team.

Jeremy Lovering

Jeremy Lovering has nearly twenty years of experience in television directing and writing across documentary, comedy and drama genres. Beginning with a 1995 instalment of the ‘Our Man in…’ series, which saw presenter Clive Anderson journey to Beirut, Jeremy rose to greater prominence in 2001 when he directed three episodes of the first series of the much loved Channel 4 drama ‘Teachers.’

In 2003 he wrote and directed the BBC drama documentary ‘Killing Hitler’, a ninety minute film which recounted the British attempts to kill the dictator during Operation Foxley in 1944. The documentary was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award. Other notable credits include ‘Sex & Lies’ in 2004, two episodes of ‘Spooks’ fourth series in 2005, and the drama ‘Miss Austen Regrets’ in 2007, starring Olivia Williams as the beloved author in the last years of her life. In 2010 Jeremy directed an acclaimed and challenging two part adaptation of Martin Amis’ novel ‘Money’, starring Nick Frost.

In film, Jeremy worked as the second unit director on the 2007 action-comedy feature ‘Hot Fuzz’, directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. He has made his feature film debut in 2013 with the horror ‘In Fear’, which caused a huge stir at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and saw him listed in many places as a breakout talent to watch. Jeremy wrote an extensive blog on the experience of taking the film to Sundance for Film4’s website.

Colm McCarthy

Colm McCarthy comes to the series with an excellent background in British Television Drama, having previously directed episodes of Hustle, Murphy’s Law, The Tudors, and Spooks, as well as the two hour television film Endeavour - the prequel to Inspector Morse. That piece of work proved such a success for producers Mammoth Screen that a series of four further films were greenlit to production, with Colm helming an additional episode.

Colm has already had his work on television screens in 2013 with the broadcast of two episodes of the popular BBC drama Ripper Street, and has directed the Steven Moffat scripted opening episode of the second section of Doctor Who series seven - The Bells of St John - due to broadcast on March 30 2013 in the UK and USA. 

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