Title revealed for Sherlock S3E1 - The Empty Hearse


Image © Mark Gatiss, via Twitter.

Today marks the long awaited start of principal photography on Sherlock Series Three.

To mark the occasion, the title for the opening episode of the new series - the first to go before the cameras - has been announced this morning.

Sherlock S3E1: The Empty Hearse
Written by Mark Gatiss, Directed by Jeremy Lovering

The title was revealed on Twitter by Mark Gatiss. Sherlockology was alerted to the impending announcement of the title for the opening episode by Sue Vertue last night.

Filming on the new series began early this morning in Cardiff.

With the start of filming on the new series, Sherlockology has a couple of promises to repeat for our readers:

- We will never reveal ANY plot spoilers for the new series ahead of the broadcast of the new episodes unless they are officially sanctioned for release by the production team.

- We are not able to publicise any location filming that we may become aware of ahead of time due to issues of confidentiality, and the possibility of impacting the work of the cast and crew. Large numbers of people standing in a crowd have the potential to affect the filming, and we will be trying our best to ensure the crew has a minimum of disruption.

With that, all there is do now is watch, wait and continue to become excited! Good luck to the cast and crew!

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