We’re excited to bring you the next stage in the Sherlockology experience - our own online store, featuring premium quality products inspired by the BBC Series, as well as a one-stop place to find the Holmes related books of MX Publishing.

The primary aim of Sherlockabilia is not simply selling merchandise however, and we’re going to be brutally honest here.

Sherlockology is a website funded fully from our own pockets, and recently costs have started to mount up. Though we have been relying on kind donations and advertising revenue, costs for maintaining the website continue to rise. So we have decided to open Sherlockabilia, stocked with a growing range of exclusive and varied products, to help fund our server costs, and expenses for the travel we undertake to bring you content on the website like features and reviews. Sherlockology is a website that remains not for profit, and the funds raised from any sales on Sherlockabilia are not going into our wallets. We love running the site and everything that it entails, and wish to keep doing so.

Sherlockabilia is very much a work in progress, and we aim to continue to expand the range we offer in the future.

So take a look around, and do let us know if there’s anything YOU would like us to produce for sale on the store. We hope you like some of the Holmes inspired merchandise we have come up with so far.

We’re particularly fond of a certain blue Scarf, and black umbrella for example….

Visit the store at Most items, with exceptions, ship worldwide. If they require special shipping requirements, the product listing will have further information.

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