Absolutely Allons-y Doctor Who parody by The Hillywood Show - but hands up, who wants to see Sherlock done Hillywood style?

BBC Worldwide hosts special publicity tour in Brazil with Mark Gatiss


We’ve been sent the following press release by BBC Worldwide:

Acclaimed British screenwriter, producer and actor Mark Gatiss will be visiting Brazil in March in a special publicity tour for BBC Worldwide to talk about British drama including international TV sensation Sherlock and his work on global hit Doctor Who, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary last year.

Gatiss, who is the co-creator and executive producer of Sherlock which has sold to over 200 territories across the world, has been invited to speak at the prestigious Rio Content Market – an annual industry event for producers, TV content buyers and commissioners in Latin America.  At the conference, he will be giving a presentation on his career in British drama with a focus on Sherlock and also An Adventure in Space and Time – the drama about the genesis of Doctor Who which he wrote and produced last year as part of the brand’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. He will also talk about his work writing for and acting in various episodes of the sci-fi series.  The event will be hosted by TV journalist Liv Brandao and Brazilian stage director Claudio Botelho.

As part of the tour, Mark will also be meeting fans at two events specially organised by BBC Worldwide.  The first will be a screening of The Empty Hearse – the opening episode of the latest series of Sherlock, written by Gatiss and in which he stars alongside Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft Holmes.  The screening will take place at Livraria Cultura (Cine Victoria) in Rio de Janeiro on Friday 14th March at 7pm.  As part of the event, Mark will take part in a Q and A and signing session with fans.

The second event will take place at Livraria Cultura (Shopping Iguatemi) in Sao Paulo at 7pm on Saturday 15th March.  Fans will have the opportunity to ask questions about Mark’s work Doctor Who, Sherlock and the recent drama An Adventure in Space and Time.  He will also take part in a limited signing of Sherlock and Doctor Who merchandise.  Further details of both events and how to obtain tickets will be released soon on www.doctorwho.tv/events. Details of the venues can be found at http://www.livrariacultura.com.br/

Commenting on the forthcoming tour Mark Gatiss says: “It’s fantastic that British TV is being enjoyed all across the world and I’m really looking forward to meeting Brazilian Doctor Who and Sherlock fans!”

Sherlock and Doctor Who have both seen notable growth in Latin America in the last year, with a huge number of fans engaging with both shows on social media.  The official Sherlock Facebook page has seen an 80% increase in the number of Brazilian fans in the last year and the Doctor Who page a 54% increase – the highest for any country in the world. Both series air on BBC HD and BBC Entertianment in Brazil which are pay-TV channel wholly owned and operated by BBC Worldwide.  They are also both available on Netflix Latin America.

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor – Review

While our review below doesn’t give explicit on-the-nose spoilers, we really recommend viewing The Time of the Doctor before you read it.

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Matt Smith’s final adventure has arrived as Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor by Steven Moffat airs today in the UK on BBC One at 19:30GMT and in the USA on BBC America at 9pm ET/8C
Matt Smith’s final adventure has arrived as Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor by Steven Moffat airs today in the UK on BBC One at 19:30GMT and in the USA on BBC America at 9pm ET/8C

A busy few days for us, so we’ve only just caught up with the utter genius of WHOLOCK!

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Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Sherlock related review roundup

Yes, it may win the award for perhaps the most unwieldy title for an article ever posted by Sherlockology, but when it’s in relation to an event as momentous as the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, it’s possibly justified.

Below, we look into the televisual events from the past week of celebrations that are directly tied to BBC Sherlock - The Day of the Doctor and The Night of the Doctor, both written by Steven Moffat, and An Adventure in Space and Time written by Mark Gatiss. Since all are post-broadcast, there will be a degree of spoilers contained within, but certainly nothing that will derail enjoyment if watching each for the first time.

So without further ado…

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Watch The Night of the Doctor, a rather surprising Doctor Who mini-episode written by Steven Moffat

Watch the first trailer for The Day of the Doctor, the eagerly anticipated 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who - written by Steven Moffat

Doctor Who Series S7B – The Sherlock Related Review

As we promised at the end of September 2012, we’re back in Time Lord mode with the second half of our Sherlock related review of Doctor Who Series 7, examining the episodes that crossover with our favourite detective through their writers and directors (and on occasion, cast members). The latter section of the seventh series features work from the three writers of Sherlock, with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss handling two episodes apiece and Steve Thompson scripting a single instalment. As before, this isn’t an all encompassing review of the entire series, just these five episodes – The Bells of Saint John, Cold War, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror and The Name of the Doctor. Please note though we’ll be discussing some spoilers in detail throughout as we examine how these episodes function individually and as contributions to the final episode.

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It’s Doctor Who Day, with plenty to interest Sherlock fans!


Doctor Who returns today in the UK at 18:15GMT on BBC One, and in the USA on BBC America at 8pm/7c.

The Bells of Saint John, the opening episode of the second run of episodes in Series Seven, is written by Steven Moffat and directed by Colm McCarthy, who is set to direct one of the upcoming episodes in Sherlock Series Three! The episode is set in modern day London, so also offers up some exciting hints as to how Colm may treat the city in his episode of Sherlock.

In other news, the 50th Anniversary episode of the science fiction series, written by Steven Moffat, has had some rather exciting casting news announced today.

Can you guess Who is returning?